Is there anything special you guys want? I haven’t been on in a while, school in all. But I’m working on it, so request something lyrics, or whatever. Thanks for being patient with me guys!<3

This one goes to the girls who put a fake smile on their face everyday, and no one ever notices a thing. My heart goes out to you love.&lt;3
"I have not failed.I have just found 10,000 ways that don&#8217;t work."
-Thomas A. Edison
"The truth about forever is that it&#8217;s happening right now."
-Sarah Dessen.
"I can&#8217;t go back to yesterday, I was a different person then."
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.
Life doesn&#8217;t get easier, you just get stronger darling.
Hahahahah. I uploaded this to my other blog by accident. Whoops. (:
"There&#8217;s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm."- Christina Aguilera, Candyman.
Because of you, by Kelly Clarkson.
pr1ncessconnie Asked:hellllo :) my name is connie! what are you up to this weekend?

Me, hmmm. This weekend I’m meeting my mother’s new boyfriend haha.